My name is Peter Smith.
Following are about 40 quick slides.
I grew up in
Played a lot of...
College in
B.S. Computer Engineering
Been here years
Reside near downtown

How can I help you?

Not, as in, "How may I help you?", help you, but -- as in...
Ok -- let me just tell you.
I've been doing software development, and customer and sales support for ~15 yrs.

Previous Titles

Client Support Manager, Post Sale Support Engineer, Senior Consultant

Desired Titles

Sales Engineer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Support Manager

Ideal Job

Variety. Responsibility. Leadership.

Steep learning curves?

No problem. I have deep experience and technical expertise, but more importantly, I get after it.

How I do it

I jump in. I use the tech. I work day and night, build demos, take online classes, build side projects using the latest technologies, etc.


Get Things Done
Software wizard

Want to consider me for a leadership role?




I keep people motivated because I treat them like adults, with respect. I have driven a bit too hard before, so I watch out for that now.

Soft skills


I create apps. I write wikis. I improve documentation on Day One. I am all about helping people help themselves -- internal and external customers.

Soft skills


I've lived in startups forever, so...it goes with the territory.

Hard Skills

Programming languages

Java, Javascript, Python, PERL, PHP, Typescript

Hard Skills

Various tools/tech

Web Services, GTM, Saas, Salesforce, SQL, Jquery, Webex, Trello, git, Github, Zoom, Skype, Unity, C#, AR, DOM, Web Developer addon, Tampermonkey, Oracle, SQL Server, DB/2, Solid, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQL, MySQL, HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, ODBC, JDBC, Chrome, Windows, Unix, Linux, Angular, Node, Express, EJS, Nodemon, Swift, etc.

Growth Mindset

If someone asks me for something, I want to figure out a way to say 'Yes', even if it is a qualified Yes.

My disposition?

What am I looking for?


Company. People. Product/Service. Commitment to excellence, winning, and ideally, winning big.

It's 40+ hrs/wk. I want to be proud of what we're trying to do.

Example of a quality product?

Why is Duolingo quality?

They've sweated the details. An SPA that actually works. Usability on point, even if not perfect.

Generating Customer Goodwill

Dear Peter, Thank you so much! You went over and beyond your responsibilities to support me and I really appreciate this. Regards, [Senior Research Director]

Establishing a Reputation

I just wanted to drop a note to toss a few kudos out for Peter Smith. From the start of our efforts, he has worked around the clock relentlessly to make sure the interface is operating as expected…


most of the time at short notice. ...Your entire team has. Thank you. It is refreshing to work with a vendor that is committed to excellence as much as we are. Great job! -- [Director Soft. Engr.]


Although Peter Smith (who took over this ticket from the previous assignee) provided outstanding support and eventually resolved the issue to our satisfaction, it took nearly a month and two escalation requests to have this case reassigned and solved.

Internal praise...

(a week after starting at Topsy) Thank you!! Already adding tremendous value - so appreciated. [Senior Salesperson]

Guiding to Success

Dear Peter, Thank you for getting back to me and clarifying things. ... I don’t have any more questions at this point, but thank you for being so informative. -- [Intl. researcher]


Pick up the phone and call right now.

Actually, please don't.

Too much phone spam.


If you email me, I'll reply. Promise. We can set up a phone call. Easy.

Thank you!
The End